SEO Kick-Off Project

From £ 1,440 inc.

From: Honed
Without a strong initial understanding of where you are SEO wise, and where you should go, it becomes impossible to navigate SEO successfully. That's why an initial SEO kick-off project is wise.


Basis : Project

Timeframe : 16 Hours (GMT) Over 2 Weeks

Deliverables : Insights, Strategy, Guidance, Implementation

Let's get you 95% of the way to a successful initial SEO strategy:


  40 Point SEO Audit   Keyword Strategy
  Meta Implementations   Rank Tracking
  Link Insights   Content SEO Strategies


1. Competition/Sector Keyword Audit: 4 Hours (Over 3 Days)
2. Site SEO Audit: 2 Hours (Over 3 Days)
3. Meta Implmentations (For 20 Pages): 10 Hours (Over 3 Days)
4. Rank Tracking: 1 Hours FOC (Over 3 Days)

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What's Included?

With this service you receive both the essentials and advancements below. This is provided in the form of a documented report, with actions, enabling you to progress your SEO right from the word go.

  1. Essentials:
    • Documentation: Well produced documentation that is easy to read and understand
    • Analysis: Well thought through recommendations from experts
    • Implementations: Provided in the form you need - either added to a live site, or via a sheet for developers to implement
  2. Advancements:
    • Sprints: Recommendations provided altogether in steps so you can capture the low hanging fruit first
    • Consultations: Over the phone or video conference meetings with teams to provide the space you need to answer any questions
    • Reporting: A before and after report highlighting the improvements will be provided

About Service Provider

Matt, Briefplace's provider for this service has worked on a number of successful Briefplace projects. He has 10 years SEO experience, and is in a team of two based in London - so is able to respond to SEO briefs with expertise and speed.

When working with any Briefplace provider you get projects answered within 15 days, and a quality of work that has been tried and tested.

How To Get Started?

Key dependencies for the success of this task include:

    • A list of 5-10 keywords that you think customers use to search your products with
    • The provision of 3-5 competitor URLs in order to crawl and identify competitor targeting
    • Any additional objectives beyond identifying relevant search traffic, search conversions, and key ranks
    • Access to Google Search Console (see guide - full user), Google Analytics (see guide - full), and Google Tag Manager if you have conversion tracking issues (see guide - publish rights).

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