SEO Keyword Audit

From £ 1,260 inc.

From: Honed
Without keyword research you can't properly strategise, then tag the pages of your website to align to the right keywords that customers search for. In this audit you will receive a keyword review that will help you to rank for relevant keywords in Google.


Basis : Project

Timeframe : 18 Hours (GMT) Over 2 Weeks

Deliverables : Data, Guide, Recommendations, Consultation

Let's get you 95% of the way to a successful keyword strategy:


  Keyword Recommendations   Keyword Strategy
  Competition Review   Content Marketing Ideas
  Paid Click Ideas   Optimisation Guides


1. Competition Keyword Audit: 3 Hours (Over 3 Days)
2. Sector Keyword Audit: 3 Hours (Over 3 Days)
3. Keyword Data Analysis: 3 Hours (Over 3 Days)
4. Strategy Documentation Compiled: 3 Hours (Over 3 Days)

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What's Included?

With this package you receive both the essentials and advancements below. This is provided in the form of a report containing the recommended keywords that you can and should then progress as commercial keyword optimisations in page metas. Keyword research is performed with an array of tools and processes that can be summarised with the below:

  1. Essentials:
    • Competition Review: Reviewing competitor websites for keyword optimisations
    • Sector Keyword Review: Analysing the marketplace for gaps in keyword targeting
    • Primary Keyword Targets: Pinpointing the major keyword optimisations needed
    • Secondary Keyword Targets: Piecing together the essential long-tail searches
  2. Advancements:
    • Content Searches: Recommending top content searches and the topics needed
    • Seasonality Markers: Providing seasonality insights for the top keywords
    • Conversion Markers: Estimating which keyword searches may provide conversions
    • Optimisation Guide: Demonstrating where keywords should be placed for SEO
    • Ranking Insights: Calculating likely ranks after keyword SEO and how to improve
    • Paid Search Insights: Initiating a first batch of keywords to target

About Service Provider

Matt, Briefplace's provider for this service has worked on a number of successful Briefplace projects. He has 10 years SEO experience, and is in a team of two based in London - so is able to respond to SEO briefs with expertise and speed.

When working with any Briefplace provider you get projects answered within 15 days, and a quality of work that has been tried and tested.

How To Get Started?

Key dependencies for the success of this task include:

    • A list of 5-10 keywords that you think customers use to search your products with
    • The provision of 3-5 competitor URLs in order to crawl and identify competitor targeting
    • Any additional objectives beyond identifying relevant search traffic, search conversions, and key ranks

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