Who is Top in Crypto SEO Right Now?

We asked Matt Wright - a leading crypto search optimisation specialist to provide some insights into who in the crypto industry you should trust for SEO. Below is a list of crypto SEO experts that he would work with, amongst the endless crypto SEO agencies and freelance experts out there. This is a pretty neat list considering that crypto SEO is a minefield to navigate.

The following crypto SEO experts are provided by Matt as a go-to list of, hopefully, effective and financially viable crypto SEO experts to work with, and whilst Matt has not worked with all of those listed - he has pitted them against one another for certain essentials that he has seen in crypto SEO over the years.

When you go looking for a crypto SEO or PR expert, you're looking for someone beyond the typical working processes of SEO. Someone that can look at content, and content management in the crypto space. This is because scaling effective crypto content is the SEO expertise that is the most effective in this deeply competitive and technical sector.

Matt Wright, Honed

Here's Matt's top recommended crypto SEO partners:

Top Crypto SEO Experts


Website: searched.io

Searched is genuinely an agency that is built on creative crypto entrepreneurial experience. Having worked with them, I know, first hand that they live and breath developing profitable startup crypto SEO.


Profile: coinpresso.io

Liam's team at Coinpresso have crypto SEO right at the core of what they do. The crucial thing about them is that they also understand that SEO in the crypto space especially is interconnected with apps, social media, and most importantly - expert crypto content that converts.

Victoria Olsina

Website: victoriaolsina.com

Victoria is a consultant that really champions web technologies that within the crypto space can really help to massively accelerate crypto SEO strategy deployments. She is also great at understanding, and resolving the typical pain points in crypto SEO that we see e.g. using Medium.com for content rather than your own hosted content hub.

Josien Nation

Website: josiengalama.com

Josien has been involved in crypto for some time now, so she's native to our sector. Her skill set is largely based around technical, and content SEO for crypto. One of the things that I like is that her SEO theory is very modern, she takes into account key factors such as E-A-T and search intent.


If you think you've been unfairly missed off this list then do get in touch. It would be great to also receive any feedback that might improve this list. Please also feel free to drop us a line if you are interested in producing lists like this one for another specialisms in marketing.

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