SEO Link Audits

From £ 1,260 inc.

From: Honed
Over the years Matt has obsessed with interpreting and devising link strategies from research


Basis : Project

Timeframe : 2 Days (GMT) Over 3 Weeks

Deliverables : Insights, Analysis, Strategy

Let's get you 95% of the way to success SEO link strategies


  Review existing inbound links   Collect competition and sector domains
  Review competition and sector links   Compile trends and patterns
  Devise strategies for links in groups   Present findings to grow link portfolio


1. Review your existing links to identify gaps and issues that need fixing: Timings TBC
2. Identify the competitor and sector domains to analysis for insights: Timings TBC
3. Compile competitor and sector link data, and analyse patterns: Timings TBC
4. Report on findings, and present strategies: Timings TBC

What's Included?

Every Briefplace service provider specifies a basic set of deliverables, see below. After you have made an enquiry these are provided with a lot more detail. With this service however you receive all of the following, and more should you need:

General Package:

    • Domain link audit
    • Domain link error checks
    • Competitor and sector domain link audits
    • Compiling data
    • Pattern and trend analysis
    • Strategy formation
    • Preseting of findings and strategies

About Service Provider

Matt, Briefplace's provider for this service, has worked on a number of successful Briefplace projects. He has a great depth of inbound link strategies and analysis - so is able to respond to briefs with expertise and speed.

When working with any Briefplace provider you get projects answered within 15 days, and a quality of work that has been tried and tested.

How To Get Started?

Key dependencies for the success of this task include:

    • Payment of deposit (TBC)
    • A signed contract (TBC)
    • Access to client logins
    • Any additional objectives beyond outlined

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