International SEO Help

From £ 810 inc.

From: Honed
Over the years Matt has introduced and managed some fascinating international SEO deployments


Basis : Retainer

Timeframe : 9 hours (GMT) Over 4 Weeks

Deliverables : Strategy, Implementation, Processes

Let's get you 95% of the way to a successful International SEO launch!


  Laying out the parameters required to launch internationally   Scoping the work needed between teams to launch territories
  Working through the finite markup, optimisations and code implementations   Monitoring and reviewing launch
  Presenting and reporting updates


1. Setting up meetings to discuss SEO roll out essentials: Timings TBC
2. Piecing together a framework for the CMS to effectively roll out territories: Timings TBC
3. Mapping the metas, optimisations and code changes to implement successfully: Timings TBC
4. Monitoring and reviewing the progress of the launch, and finetuning: Timings TBC
5. Reporting results and charting progress: Timings TBC

What's Included?

Every Briefplace service provider specifies a basic set of deliverables, see below. After you have made an enquiry these are provided with a lot more detail. With this service however you receive all of the following, and more should you need:

General Package:

    • Meetings to discuss roll out
    • Guidance for code and meta implementations
    • Keyword optimisations
    • Monitoring and reviewing clicks
    • Presenting progress

About Service Provider

Matt, Briefplace's provider for this service, has worked on a number of successful Briefplace projects. He has a great depth of international SEO experience - so is able to respond to briefs with expertise and speed.

When working with any Briefplace provider you get projects answered within 15 days, and a quality of work that has been tried and tested.

How To Get Started?

Key dependencies for the success of this task include:

    • Payment of deposit (TBC)
    • A signed contract (TBC)
    • Access to client logins
    • Any additional objectives beyond outlined

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